• Create JobCasts for positions that are open

  • Recruiters assigned to you via our smart algorithm

  • Review and sort candidates basis your requirements

  • Hire for a flat fee


Employer Benefits

Top class talent delivered to your doorstep

Hiring the right candidate at the right time is crucial to the success of any business. That’s why our Recruiters ensure that you get the best curated CVs which are then stack ranked by our smart Algorithm. That means the best amongst the best come to you!

Hiring with an eye on the wallet

Earning money is tough, we know that and hence it’s important to ensure that you get a great ROI. Scriptifi reduces the cost to hire by as much as 50% (Unbelievable but True!) for you to have a happy heart and wallet.

Be ahead of the curve

With business growing, the need to hire is always as of yesterday. With Scriptifi you are able to hire that perfect candidate in 50% less time thanks to our Recruiters and Tech platform.

Gurus of Hiring

Sriptifi will deliver the top candidates by matching your JobCasts to the top relevant Recruiters that we have on the platform. A match made in heaven to deliver a candidate on mother earth.

One Partner, One payee, Multiple benefits

Leverage the power of 1 – Scriptifi; by consolidating all your Recruitment Agency needs via us.

Knowledge is Power

Know the effectiveness of your recruitment process, Brand pull etc. on the portal via our analytical reports. More fire for effective Hire.

Live the “Life of Pi”

Reach and engage with the “Dark Matter” (Candidates who are unreachable), via our strong network of Recruiters spread across 4 categories - (Expert -> Pro -> Champion -> Legend).

Employer Features

Human and Machine Intelligence System (HMIS)1

Turning a new leaf!

Consider your days of collecting, managing and sifting through resumes a thing of the past. Imagine pre-screened, curated, verified & stack ranked resumes ready to take your Organization to the next level.

Vendor Management and Payments 2

As Easy as pie!

Consolidate your vendors and their payments on our platform to optimize your operations.

Personalized Recruitment Plans3

For that perfect match

Scriptifi’s platform delivers top candidates by matching your job requirements with the best Recruiters from our network. Plus, you can choose your Recruiter (Expert -> Pro -> Champion -> Legend) basis the skill you are hiring for. For those tough to hire positions, you may choose to give a Bounty (an additional incentive) for the recruiter.

Application Tracking System4

Track my candidate!

Scriptifi provides you an Applicant Tracking System to track every stage of your Recruitment process without the need for an external system.


This is serious Business!

Use your recruitment data to analyse specific data cuts like Industry, roles, experience, job reach etc. to make informed & impactful decisions.

Recruit the best talent in a fraction of a second