Why should we use Scriptifi?

Although it’s always advisable to have a wholesome recruitment strategy that encompasses employee referrals, career website, campus, etc. there are times when none of the above mentioned sourcing channels work and the only option is to use a recruitment agency.

The only concern with that option is that recruitment agencies charge a bomb and may not still deliver the results that you want.

Enter Scriptifi - India’s first “Dynamic Online Marketplace for Recruiters” that allows you to virtually connect with top class recruiters across geographies for your hiring requirements at the click of a button.

You are ensured that your Jobcast is with the best recruiters, basis the results delivered in the past. Combine that with our state of the art smart algorithm that matches the recruiter best suited to close your positions and gives you curated stacked ranked CVs to help you shortlist easily. Not to mention all this at almost 50% less cost than traditional recruitment agencies.

Moreover, in case you have already existing recruitment vendors, you can bring them on the platform and manage them with ease.

In the end you manage one recruitment relationship and we manage the rest.

How does the entire process work on Scriptifi?

Scriptifi is a marketplace for recruiters that lets you hire more efficiently than traditional recruitment models:

The entire hiring process involves 6 simple steps:

  1. Create Jobcast: Basis the requirement that you have, create a Jobcast
  2. Recruiter Matching: With the help of our intelligent algorithm, the recruiters that are best equipped to handle your JobCast are automatically aligned to work on the position.
  3. CV submission: Once the Jobcast is accepted by the recruiters, CVs of qualified and relevant candidates who have shown interest in the position are submitted.
  4. Stack Ranking CVs: Our algorithm adds a cherry on the cake by stack ranking all the CVs that are submitted by all the recruiters, to give you access to the “Best of the Best” submitted CVs.
  5. Scheduling: The employer advances the candidates through the process or rejects them, giving feedback in the process to further strengthen the communication. Employers can choose to give slots convenient to them or seek inputs from the Recruiter. Either ways the entire scheduling is completed by the Recruiter.
  6. Placement Fees: If one of the candidates get hired, then you pay the placement fees and viola, we are onto the next positions.
How do you Vet your recruiters?

Vetting is an on-going process on Scriptifi covering the entire life-cycle of the recruiter.

First, as soon as the Recruiter joins the portal, he/she is required to classify their domain expertise, years of experience, preferred functions, geographies etc. which enables the algorithm to match the best recruiter to the relevant Jobcast.

Second, the recruiter’s throughput and employer feedback for each JobCast is tracked which continuously impacts the rating of the recruiter. A low overall rating will lead to delisting of recruiters.

Thirdly, each recruiter’s life cycle is mapped on the portal. To grow and get more challenging job casts and placement fees, the recruiters have to outperform on each Jobcast allocated to them.

Can you integrate with my Application Tracking System (ATS)?

We are currently in the process of creating systems to help integrate into various ATSs. In case you would like us to integrate with your ATS, please drop in a mail to support@scriptifi.com and we would be more than happy to explore ways to integrate our technologies.

How can I schedule candidates using Scriptifi?

Each employer has 2 options:

a) Share 3 time slots that are convenient for you

b) Seek 3 time slots from the recruiters

Either ways, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to schedule the candidate basis a mutually convenient time and the same gets captured on your calendar. No more forgotten candidates and all interview schedules are available at one place – Your Dashboard

Site Usage

Can I use Scriptifi to manage my Recruitment Vendors?

Yes. Many of our clients use Scriptifi as a Vendor Management Service (VMS)

Managing multiple vendors is tough. One has to find, vet each agency, negotiate, sign individual contracts and on-board them to your organization culture and ways of working.

Scriptifi enables you to consolidate the entire vendor process. Have your existing vendors sign up with us or we would ensure that they get added. It’s an easy way to streamline your communication process with the vendors and at the same time measure their performance on each stage with the help of our analytics.

Can I release job postings and fix fees to a predetermined list of vendors?

Yes – if you are using our Vendor Management Services (VMS), you may release the JobCast specifically to them and the fees can be set basis their existing contracts with you.

However, Scriptifi recommends that you release your Jobcasts to your preferred vendors as well as our expert community to achieve the best results on – Speed, Quality and cost.

What actions can I take during the life-cycle of the candidates?

You just need to take 3 actions:

a) Shortlist/Reject: Based on your selection criteria, you can choose to shortlist/reject the CVs of the candidates

b) Scheduling: For the shortlisted candidates, you can choose to give 3 time slots to the recruiter for scheduling

c) Offer Details Confirmation: Once the candidate’s offer has been rolled out,  the recruiter will fill in the details like current CTC, years of experience etc. This needs to be verified by you on the portal. which will be reflected in the final invoice amount

Do I have to sign a contracts with each recruiter?

No, the head-ache of signing contracts is left to Scriptifi. There are no discussion on placement fee rates, time to closures, service level agreements etc.

When you bring in your own Vendors they would be governed by the same T&C, although they would get their placement fees as per your contracts with Scriptifi.

Do I need to give feedback on the candidate within a certain timeline?

Yes, feedback is required. The reason we ask this is because the most critical part of these transactions are people. A timely response from your end ensures that the same courtesy is extended by the recruiter to the candidate as well ensuring a positive employer branding.

I have some more questions?

For more details on the please write in to support@scriptifi.com and we would be more than happy to discuss.

How do I know the candidates are interested in my position?

Only the candidates who are interested in the said Jobcast are put forth by the recruiters. That’s why you only see the relevant candidates.

What is bounty and how should I use it?

For positions that are niche, or have been open for a longer than average time, you have an option to provide a “Bounty” – an additional benefit in terms of placement fees to the recruiters so that they get the additional impetus to search out the right candidate for you.

Can I reach out to the candidate or the recruiter directly?

Of course, you can reach out to the candidate or the recruiter directly. The best part is that, although you can reach out to them directly, they cannot. This means say bye-bye to follow ups from vendors and candidates.

Finance Related

How much does it cost?
Our objective is to Optimize your cost by eliminating inefficiencies around delayed recruitment \ idle vacancies and is almost 50% less than your traditional vendors. For a tailor-made pricing option please write in to support@scriptifi.com and we would be happy to discuss.
Do I need to pay directly to the recruiters?

No, the placement fees are paid to Scriptifi. The rest of the payment cycle is managed by Scriptifi.

What if I have a payment related concern? Who do I speak with?

If there is a placement fee related concern, please reach out to your account manager and he/she would be able to assist. Alternatively you may write to support@scriptifi.com.


How often should I check in with my candidates?

We encourage you to stay in very close connect with your candidates. One must speak with them:

a) Before the CV submission: Make sure they are interested and ensure the relevance of their experience and skillset w.r.t. the JobCast.

b) Before the interview: Ensure that they are aware of the schedule to avoid any confusion.

c) After interviews: Always ask for feedback and share it with us by changing the status on the portal to take the process forward. Also, maintain a regular connect to ensure maximum offer to joining conversion.

d) After the hire: Construct a 10, 30, 60 day check-in plan with them to make sure they're happy in their new job. The candidate is an extension of your personal brand, so be supportive and help them represent you professionally.

What if someone else submits my candidate on the same or different JobCast?

Candidate source for a particular JobCast goes to the recruiter who submits the CV first.

Moreover, if an employer hires a candidate post CV shortlist, for a position other than one for which they were submitted, the recruiter who first submitted the candidate to that employer will be considered as the final source, provided that the candidate was submitted no more than 180 days prior to the hire.

In case of any further conflict, Scriptifi has the right to seek emails or any other documentary evidence to ensure a fair conclusion for all stakeholder involved.

Why was my candidate rejected?

Generally speaking, candidates who are rejected, have profiles that do not clearly demonstrate the Must-Haves in the JobCast.

Must-Haves are the most critical part of each JobCast. These are requirements that are absolutely essential to be successful at the job, and every candidate you submit should demonstrate competency or knowledge of them. If you submit a candidate who does not meet every single Must-Have or doesn’t come across as someone who is competent in those areas, your candidate will not be hired. It is therefore imperative that you pay close attention when submitting candidates.

For what timeframe will I be the source for a CV submitted on Scriptifi?

Once source of a certain candidate is confirmed, the validity of the source is for 180 days on that particular JobCast.

What do I do if I have a dispute over candidate ownership?

Although we have taken care to ensure that such issues are minimised, if you have any questions concerning the source over a particular candidate, please reach out to us on support@scriptifi.com.

How many candidates can I submit for a particular JobCast?

We empower our employers to decide the number of candidate submissions per recruiter for a JobCast which is upto a maximum of 5 candidates. However, for every shortlisted CV, the recruiter gets to submit another candidate.

How does Scriptifi’s Smart Algorithm (Machine Intelligence) affect my submissions?

The algorithm recommends the top CVs to the employer, who usually tend to get influenced by the recommendations. Hence, it is imperative that you submit the most relevant candidates every time.

I have some questions that haven't been answered here. Can I reach out to someone?

We’re ready and willing to help! Please submit any and all inquiries you may have to support@scriptifi.com.

Site Usage

Can you reach out to the employer?

No, the recruiter does not have the option to reach out to the employer directly. In case there are questions that you may have, you may reach out to your designated account manager or write in to support@scriptifi.com

What does my candidate's current status mean?

As you submit your candidates and the employer reviews them, they will be marked with different statuses to denote where they are in the process. Here's what each of those statuses mean:

a) CV Submitted
Candidate has been submitted by you against a particular JobCast and will be reviewed by the employer for next steps.

b) CV Shortlisted
The profile of the candidate submitted by you has been shortlisted by the employer for the next steps.

c) Rejected
The profile of the candidate submitted by you has been rejected by the employer.

d) To Be Scheduled 
Once the candidate’s CV has been shortlisted, the candidate’s interview time-slot confirmation for scheduling is either pending at your end or employer’s.

e) Interview Scheduled
Interview time slot for a particular candidate has been confirmed by either parties (you or employer) based on the scheduling requirement.

f) Offer Released
Once all the interviews have been completed, the employer provides the feedback to you or the candidate. In the latter case, you can connect with the candidate for the status and change it in the portal accordingly. In case the candidate has been shortlisted and the offer has been rolled out, the status will be changed by you to Offer Released.

g) Dropout
Candidate does not join the organization on the designated DOJ for various reasons like CTC expectation mismatch, better offers, retained by current employer etc.

h) Joined
Once the candidate joins the respective employer, you need to change the status of the candidate to Joined. At this stage you also need to fill in the offer details like CTC offered, years of experience, etc. to the employer for their confirmation. Once confirmed by the employer, the invoice gets generated automatically.

How long does a JobCast last and how do I filter my dashboard to see only certain JobCasts?

A JobCast is live till the time it is not closed by the Employer or the number of vacancies mentioned in the JobCast have been fulfilled. There are two different "stages" in the JobCast lifecycle:

a) Open - An Open JobCast is one where you need to take action by either accepting or rejecting. Once accepted, you can start submitting relevant CVs.

b) Closed - A JobCast that has been closed either by the employer or the number of vacancies have been fulfilled as per the JobCast Requirement. Recruiters can’t submit the candidates at this stage.

What happens after I submit a candidate?

Once you submit the candidate for a JobCast, it is then compared with submissions from other recruiters and finally stack ranked by our smart algorithm and presented to the employer for review.

Rank is directly proportional to the relevance of the CV submitted by you.

Payment Related

When do I get paid for making a placement?

Scriptifi pays placement fees (including Bounty) within 7 days of receipt from the employers.

Employers are required to deposit the placement fee within the time frame specified under the contract.

What is a Bounty?

Bounty is an additional incentive provided by the employer over and above the placement fee for those tough to crack positions or to incentivize recruiter for faster TATs for those urgent positions.

What is my placement fee on Scriptifi?

Scriptifi offers you a great platform with 10X earning potential doing the same amount of work that you would do at any of the traditional recruitment firms. For more details on pricing please write in to support@scriptifi.com and we would be happy to revert in a jiffy.