• Employers create detailed Job Descriptions

  • Receive JobCasts based on expertise

  • Source & Submit top candidates

  • Make placements & get paid


Recruiter Benefits

Flexible Schedule

With a steady pipeline of live vetted job requisitions, you can stop worrying about finding your next placement opportunity. Recruit from the office, comfort of your home, or while holidaying at a beach.

Increased Earnings

JobCasts on Scriptifi span across various salary bands thereby ensuring Recruiters make quality placement fees, while our unique career path philosophy provide Recruiters with an opportunity to earn more as they meet certain milestones. In addition to that, the Employers provide you "Bounty" to further incentivize for faster closures & great quality hires.

Be an Entrepreneur

With flexible schedule and high earning potential, we want you to be an entrepreneur. It’s easy to make money while closing out job requisitions in your area of expertise. How much is completely up to you. With so many employers in every Industry, there’s opportunity for everyone to make it big.

New Business

Business development can take upwards of 60% of your day. Scriptifi eliminates the need to cold call companies by connecting you with curated JobCasts so you focus on what you do best — Recruiting.


Transparency in Recruitment is key. Scriptifi provides you with real-time, actionable employer feedback for you to pass on to your candidates, eliminating the notorious "Resume Black Hole".

Recruiter Features

Focused JobCasts 1

Do what you're great at!

Spend less time finding jobs and more time finding talent. Scriptifi provides JobCasts targeted by the roles and industries you've requested and procure job requisitions aligned with your experience & expertise.

Career Path 2

World is your oyster!

We give you a stage to perform and a shot at stardom. Earn your stripes literally by moving up our specially designed career path for Recruiters (Expert -> Pro -> Champion -> Legend) and earn more as you move up the ladder.

Analytics 3

Real time data to earn more moolah!

Use your actual results to analyze which industries and roles yield the best results, most placements and fees. Get a real time feedback of your performance and the recruitment throughput across various stages.

Verified Feedback 4

Build your brand!

Collect feedback and verified testimonials from employers to develop your career profile and online standing.

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